Success Tip: Defining Moment Preparation


“I was prepared to handle September 11 precisely because I had been doing my best to take on challenges my whole career.” – Rudy Giuliani, Former Mayor of New York City

We all thought that Rudy Giuliani became a different man after the September 11 terrorist attack at New York City. Some labeled it as his defining moment. It might have been his defining moment but it sure wasn’t the day that made him realize that he must be a different man. He was, in reality, prepared for September 11.

Here are some lessons we can learn from Mayor Rudy:

1. Don’t prepare tomorrow, prepare now. 

Prepare you now. That means know your values and beliefs so that when the time comes you need to make a choice – it was already decided on before it happens. Prepare your leadership by taking on roles of leadership even in small scales. Build your integrity and name so that when it comes to crunch time, people will look to you for moral compass.

2. Embrace Challenges.

My wife Thammie and I had a discussion about challenges and crisis people were facing. One of the things we noticed that if you are thrust into bigger responsibilities, there would be people who would challenge, insult, malign and question your leadership, decisions and character.

As you embrace more roles of leadership and influence- expect for challenges to come up. As you embrace leadership and promotions, embrace challenges that goes with it.

3. Lead the charge.

Show up, be there and act like a man. As you have prepared for times like these, this is the best time to show what you are truly made of. Don’t back down from opportunities. Lead the charge!