Here is what I realized. In life we accumulate a lot of things we really don’t need. How many times have I succumbed to the temptation of buying stuff. Our boxes of stuff are evidences of how we have accumulated things in life that are not really necessary for our survival and living.

The world tells us to accumulate stuff, BUY, COLLECT, splurge. We thought doing so would ensure our happiness. Let me be brutally honest.


Our stuff won’t make us happy.

You think the car you are dreaming of would make you happy?
You think the entertainment package you want for your home would make you happy?
You think the gadgets you would accumulate make you happy?
You think the thousands of shoes you buy will make you happy? Ask Imelda…

One way to make extra money is to avoid buying stuff that are not essential. Cut off on expenses that does not really matter. Resist the urge to collect stuff.

Invest in what matters most.

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