– This week a number of people were asking why I haven’t blogged. Well, I AM STUCK. I don’t know what to blog about.
– I have so many things I want to say but when I am in front of the computer I end up looking at the screen and typing nothing.
– So many things to say but the will to blog …ARGH! Its happening again.
– Its a love hate relationship with this blog thing!
– Just want to share an interesting thing. I love working with our staff and this week we discussed about our NICHE. Who are we reaching and what are we doing RIGHT and what are the things we need to be doing to reach our group. We got some interesting answers.
– I am blessed to have a team that is passionate in reaching the lost. I realized that whenever Pastor Chinkee is not in our staff meeting, all of us are under 30.
Pastor Bojo (22), Jonas (21 – i think), Dane is 24, Sheryn our administrator is 24. I love working with these guys!

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