Stop Thinking Small Today

During our five-day prayer and fasting this year, we were praying for the church’s future in Greenhills. One of our goals last year was to raise new leaders in our church who would lead small groups/bible study groups.

One of our leaders approached me and felt like the Lord was telling him we need to ask for something bigger. More significant than it seems humanly impossible that we need divine intervention.

It reminded me of the story of Joshua, where he asked God to let the sun and the moon stand still so they could defeat the enemy. So that night, I made a SUN STAND STILL prayer before the Lord:

“Lord, give us 10% of the city of San Juan.”

It sounds ridiculous knowing that only 5000 people can fit our worship hall on a Sunday, but I should not lead with the 5000 people that can fit our church but the 12000 people God wants to bring to our church.

Imagine a city where 1 out of 10 people you meet are Christians. Imagine a city where 10% of its people hold on to a biblical worldview. Imagine 10% of the city reaching 90% of the city.

Today, I resolve not to pray small prayers. Instead, today I decided to ask God for things and favor that show how great, big, powerful, and mighty He is.

How about you?

Here is a link to listen to a message on having the faith to be delivered from whatever challenges you are facing this year. Start Dreaming Big