step up…..

– can’t imagine we are entering our 5th month this coming Sunday. We have seen how our church thrive the past few months. We started this church with 80 leaders and 400 members.
– as of present, we are seeing a harvest and our services continue to grow.
– But like with any church plant, we did have our birth pains and testings.
– we are a portable church and we will remain one till maybe Jesus comes back ( i don’t know). One of the toughest challenges we faced was the lack of volunteers.
– i think no healthy church would ever come to the point that they are turning down volunteers because they’re just too much! A sign of a healthy church is that it needs to keep adding volunteer as God expands the church.
– I have nothing but praises for our volunteers. Tireless, passionate and extra friendly.
– our worship team is composed of volunteers. Awesome team – I am so proud of our worship team. Even at times when we lack the manpower, they still deliver the best worship experience every Sunday. Last Sunday was no exception. Ganns and the whole team were just hyper WORSHIP! Ganns was in his DON MOEN element, leading while playing the keyboard.
– Last Sunday I received a text from our kids ministry (w/c is also run by volunteers) saying they also need more people to help them. Desmond and Caths our Kids Ministry Leader was out on a business trip so Larry one of our kids ministry team leader STEPPED UP tot he plate and gave the kids a great worship experience. Our kids ministry is growing. We have no more space to get kids to join us. We are currently constructing our kids church facility which will be up and about hopefully by June.
– Last Sunday – pastor Chinkee and Pastor Lee were ministering in our churches in the province. It was just me and Pastor Bojo. Pastor Bojo is just amazing. He knows when to step up. Our volunteer leaders – Jun, Tony, Delfin ( i call them the elders) were very visible in going around meeting new people and engaging the people.


I am glad that our people are STEPPING UP. When push against the wall, when circumstances tries to make it hard – our response as Christian leaders is to STEP UP.

I pray for every church planter who are experiencing tough times in their church that they would have never fear or give up but STEP UP for God did not give us a spirit of fear but A SPIRT of POWER, OF LOVE AND A SOUND MIND.