Starting RIGHT and Finishing STRONG

I am excited for the new year ahead. Our church is a month and 2 weeks old. Things are falling into place. We are seeing new people getting involved in church, Christians who are stepping up a notch higher in serving Jesus and lost people being engaged by the people of our church.

Our church attendance is currently running at around 400 people. Our 4pm service is growing and our 6pm is attracting a lot of young couples and young people. Last Sunday I preached a message on Finishing Strong – a year ender message that hopefully pumped the people up to not let go of God’s vision for their lives.

Speaking of Starting Right…here are some things that we are currently trying to do in our worship services.

1. Create a creative team ministry to make our services more visual, interactive and interesting. Our church’s goal is to spread the gospel and we will try to do everything to make it more relevant to our culture and at the same time never lose the message of the Gospel. If you are a creative person, a scriptwriter, a stage actor, dancer – please get in touch with us. My email address is or personal message me at

2. Get the men in church involved. We are currently forming a team of more mature men to help us carry the load of our church. We have some of the most godly, dedicated and loyal men in church who could train and mentor the next generation of family man, business men, enterpreneurs and leaders.

3. Sustain the church through prayer. Our intercessors are excited to sustain the church through prayer. We are currently on the lookout for people who has a heart to pray extensively for our church.

4. Leadership Development. I am blessed to have Pastor Chinkee on board in our pastoral staff. The man exudes the gift of leadership and has the heart to train the next generation leaders. We are excited for the upcoming launch of our leadership meetings every Wednesday at Greenhills. I’ll keep my lips sealed for the moment.


By the end of 2008 here is how I envision the church in Greenhills would look like

1. Worship services that would have 2000 passionate worshippers every week.
2. A state of the art, what in the world! WORSHIP SERVICES.
3. Hundreds of leaders trained and equipped to engage the culture with the Gospel of Jesus.
4. Men who would embrace their God given leadership role in the family, church and community.
5. A group of intercessors hungry to pray for more!

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