speak to your wallet

Met with Jerry Bamba, one of the financial planner attending our church and his presentation of financial freedom just blew me away. The burden to see people SAVE (not just being saved by Jesus, but SAVE and invest money) is still a burden burning in my heart.

Here is a blog I made last year about SPEAKING TO YOUR WALLET, does it really work

How many have I tried speaking to my wallet. How many times have I declared for MONEY, to come forth. I can’t count how many times! Does it really work?

But no matter how hard you profess that you are going to be rich if you don’t have a CLUE in handling the blessings that is coming your way, you will confess your way to BANKRUPTCY.

Being in a state of ABUNDANCE requires more than just speaking to your wallet. You have to speak to

a. your heart – pray for contentment, simplicity and frugality
b. your hands – to work hard, to be fruitful and productive
c. your mind – to shun the poverty mindset, to work smart, to study how money works

As what James said ” Faith without works is DEAD”

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