You encounter them everyday

– email marketers

– click Chile and help and throw pillow apps at facebook

– personal messages that are not personal at all

– people interrupting you so they could sell their product

– brochures and leaflets at your windshield

– street evangelists sharing the Bible and asking for money

Yesterday I came home and was surprised to see an ad taped on our gate – that causes the paint to chip off.

So what do people usually do with spammers? They ignore them or in some cases delete them. Why? Because spammers interrupt us not just once, twice, 3x. They are irritating and at times rude. We have to understand people today, if they need something, would look for it, google it or ask a friend. Rarely do they entertain spammers.

As pastors we have to rethink how we could spread the gospel. We can’t afford to be spammers. People hate spammers and the gospel is not to be treated as one.