Soaked in prayer

– church planting is never an easy task. You really wouldn’t know what to expect.
– Yesterday’s service was great. We have some great vounteers step up to the challenge. One good thing about church planting is how people will be stretched. I personally feel the need to really depend on God and so does all the pastoral staff.
– our worship leader, Melvin, was fantastic. He hasn’t lead worship for more than 5 years and he rocked the service with his worship.
– Worship plays an important part in the service. It invites the presence of God in the place. One of the hardest thing to do is get up and preach after an impassionate time of worship BUT if worship is really good – preaching becomes easier. Why? Because the people’s heart has already been touched by God. Note: I don’t put the blame on the worship leader if my preaching sucks, ok?
– I was touched by one of our volunteer, Jun. He came to church on crutches because he injured his knee while playing tennis that day. Going to Music Museum is not for the injured. You have to walk up two flights to get to the auditorium. That is what you call commitment.
– the past two weeks, a lot of our leaders have been sick. It made us realize the need to really soaked our church in prayer. Continue to pray for us.