small matters

small matters……. its the small things that make the BIG things in a worship experience.

– we just finished our worship service a few hours ago and we had so many new people in church. It seems every week, we see dozens of new faces. 4 people gave their lives to Jesus today.
– I was in church early to oversee the design we have for today. We had a little wedding ceremony squeezed in our service today to honor our tech ministry head, Ernel and his wife Kathy. They marriage was very rocky at the start but Jesus turned it around. Their story brought tears to the people. I almost cried but hey REAL MEN DON”T CRY! They wail!
– i’ve realized it is the small things that make the BIG THINGS. The small flower decorations we had and the archway that created the atmosphere of our service.
– its the candies the ushers are giving out to people once they enter the service.
– its the handshakes that our pastors and leaders give before and after the service that touches people.
– its the moving flash powerpoint that makes the message more interesting.
– its the program coordinator who makes sure that the little things like who has the mic, check if the mic is working, what’s next in the program that makes an overall exciting worship experience.
– its the volunteers who are all in children’s and kid’s church costumes and shirts that helps people recognize this are the friendly people who would take care of your kids.
– it is the hug some usher gives to people who comes in the main hall.
– it is the clean restroom
– it is the electric violinist
– it is the little things we do to make every visitor and guests in church wants to come back next week.
– its the friendly guard who makes sure the place is secure
– to the pastoral staff, volunteers, paid staff and all who contributed the little things- a BIG thank you!