sitting pretty



Here is a rule that might go against your “hardworking look” instinct. Since day one in school, we were taught how to always look busy. I have tried it a thousand times – “looking busy” but I was just fooling me. Busy does not mean productivity.

A messy table, a busybody, a worker always in motin doesn’t mean he is producing. Most of the time a busybody is busy because he hasn’t done his job.

A preacher who keeps on looking at his note, pacing back and forth and perspiring like the place is hot when it is as cold as ice means either 2 things: He is so full of the Word that he needs to preach it or HE HASN’T PREPARED.

A great example that comes to my mind is our worship services administrator: Sheryn. Almost every Sunday I noticed she was literally sitting pretty. There was no ounce of panic in her as she reviews the flow of the Sunday service. She sits comfortably, she chats with her friends, she worships God. Why in the word is Sheryn sitting pretty when she should look alert and busy making sure nothing bad happens during the service?

Because from Monday to Saturday she has been working really hard to make Sunday happen. From coordinating volunteers, fixing schedules, making sure worship practices happen, making my keynote presentation, making sure all the funds needed to run the service is prepared. For her Sunday is just trouble shooting which rarely happens if you are prepared.

So please have the luxury to sit pretty as long as you know you have done your job.