Shrek Insights


For the movie review first:

– Shrek 4ever was nice but compared to the past Shrek movies there was no comparison.

– the humor used in the past 3 films were used here so the jokes and humor were getting quite old

– it was still a good movie though and you can pick up a lot of lesson which makes Shrek movies worth watching.

Lessons and Insights

1. The power of ONE heroic act.

You never know how your one heroic, courageous act can change the destiny of a person, a tribe or a nation. Shrek rescuing Fiona changed the direction of their lives. What if Shrek hesitated? What if he never rescued Fiona in the past?

Makes you think about how you live your life everyday. if today was taken out of my life – would it really matter?

2. Family first

Shrek had the good life. A wife who loves him, adorable kids, no enemies and he thought having all that made him normal. Not really if you think about it? How many people dream of having a life like Shrek is living. You will never know what you have unless you lost them.

Look at the key relationships in your life. Do you make them feel valued and important? Do you still woo your wife? Do you date your kids? You can never bring back time – make the most of today.

3. Witches are bad.

If I was Shrek I would have called on the name of Jesus to drive away the evil spirits empowering the witches. I think that is just the pastor in me.

ps: Promenade cinemas are still the best. Their 3d is no comparison to other cinemas. The 3d glasses fits right.