Shawn Marion – thank you


During the 2006 NBA playoffs series – Shawn Marion then of the Phoenix Suns was one of the best players in the team. The problem was that Shawn thinks he is underappreciated. He was never in the league of Steve Nash or the injured then Amare who would receive more press attention when he was injured.

Shawn on the other hand can easily make triple doubles in his stats, dunk on big men, and dominate. Shawn was not good – he was great and since he was great – the coaches expected more from him.

In our teams we would always have Shawn Marions. People who are just naturally gifted and could lead with ease. Most of the time the Shawns in our team are underappreciated because they are so good that when they act normal they get reprimanded.

A challenge for me and some of you who might have talented team members: Appreciate the Shawn Marions in your team. Today is Shawn Marion’s day.

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