sex, communication and money

Tomorrow would be our 3rd week of our marriage preparation held at our Victory Center in Promenade. Around 15 couples are with us for the past two saturdays. Tomorrow’s topic is one of the hardest things couples go through… INTIMACY, COMMUNICATION AND MONEY.

I’ll be teaching on intimacy tomorrow and here are some of my thoughts

as a single I never thought I’ll struggle with intimacy. I thought intimacy is just SEX. It is not. It is just a part of it. Sex, money and communication are closely related. If you have a problem with one of those all three gets affected.

– you have to be intentional and deliberate. As much as movies of John Lloyd and Sarah Geronimo gives you a false picture of romance ( nope haven’t watch it, just assuming it), intimacy should be deliberate. As husbands, we must schedule times to talk with our wife and go out on dates.

– have a Passion Plan: here is mine:

15 seconds passionate kissing everyday
15 minutes of talk with your wife daily
1.5 hours of date with your wife weekly
1.5 hours of sexual intimacy.

Got this plan from Jim Burns.