Came from a very inspiring and meatfull seminar about school, funding education and parenting that was organized by financial guru Randell Tiongson, in Eastwood Cinema 4. Randell and his friends put up to address the issues that parents are facing – from schooling, budgeting, moral character of their kids and everything in between.  Here are some of my notes and take from the talk.

Session 1: Queena’s Talk

– parents are the best teachers and tutor.

– as much as possible be the tutor of the kids but if you are going to find a tutor for them, please find a really good one.

– the success of our kids are highly dependent on how we train them to study and learn at an early age.

– if your kids are under 2, pls don’t let them watch TV.

Session 2: Randell Tiongson’s Talk

– tuition fee has an average of 5% to 15% increase per year.

– be careful when getting educational plans. Rather just build an education fund and find a good long term investment that could yield 10 to 12% per annum.

– Am I really willing to pay high tuition fee to send them to a good school. Question is does a good school really contribute to a person’s success

– pray that my kids would be scholars. If the increase continues on, 10 years from now, DLSU would have a whopping P550,000 annual fee for school and that does not even include their books and baon. Kaya ako UP pa rin!

Session 3: Francis Kong

– it doesn’t matter if you are from a prestigious school – the values of a person is of utmost importance. You can be a graduate of a good school but without values you just become a great corrupt loser!

– hug your kids

– let them fail.

– know if your kids are right brain or left brain.

– Jesus is still the reason why kids are successful. Remove Jesus you are in deep trouble.

I have more lessons learned. Hope we could have a round 2 of this!