Prior to becoming a pastor, i worked in one of the busiest, loudest, cheapest commercial district of Manila, TUTUBAN MALL. Most of our customers are wholesalers (people who buy BULK). Once in a while we would chance upon buyers who are retailers ( people who buy by piece) and when they try to do business with us – things get lost in translation.


Because the terms we used for wholesalers are different. The wholesalers are our target market. So when we say wholesale they know the minimum quantity they need to order. When we say 30 days they know they have to issue a post dated check a month advance before maturity. When retailers would inquire in our store, some don’t get it. Some don’t get our terminologies and our terms and the business language we used.

This is how some visitors and new timers feel when they enter church. It is as if they entered a new world that never existed before. The practices we do, the language we speak, the songs that we sing are alien to them.

God commanded us to go into the world to preach the good news. A good news is something people should understand. As a pastor I am challenged to be more MISSIONAL in my approach to doing church (and I don’t mean just Sunday service). Think like a missionary. How can I share the Bible to these people so that they will understand. How can I translate the Bible to the world they are in.

Jesus used stories, Jesus preached in the streets, Jesus got a bunch of fisherman to spread the word. Jesus gave us a pattern.


Sometimes, we get hung up on catch phrases and jargon that work great when everyone understands what we mean, but fail to bring understanding to outsiders. Yelling louder isn’t always the answer. Changing your words might work better. – Seth Godin