same old message with a new twist!


The Victory@25 hangover is still alive in me! One of my highlights was Pastor Steve’s preaching and challenge for the next 25 years. If you hear Pastor Steve preach it basically boils down to 4 words – HONOR GOD, MAKE DISCIPLES. This is the reason why we exist. This is the reason for all our church plants. We want to HONOR GOD and MAKE DISCIPLES.

Friday’s message had a new twist. It is the same mandate. It is the same passion to HONOR GOD AND MAKE DISCIPLES but the call was not just to disciple an individual – it was to DISCIPLE A NATION.

The church is mandated by God in Matthew 28:18-20 to disicple a nation. I never really saw it in that light. As he was preaching, pictures of San Juan city came flashing through my mind. How can I make Jesus known in San Juan. How can I build a city within a city. How do we get this counter cultural message of the gospel to the city where we are place?

I am never this excited about our church. Victory Greenhills is taking the challenge to amp it up – not just to disicple our family and friends but to disciple a city.

Here is Pastor Steve’s take on discipling nations, click here to read his views.