Please everybody


Here is a simple test: I’ll say something and tell me the first thing that came to your mind.vcf-gh-servant-leaders-meeting-002

1. Colgate

2. Starbucks

3. Volvo

Most likely these are your answers: 1 toothpaste, 2. coffee. 3. safety.

How about if I say the word CHURCH – what is the first word that pops out of your mind.

– prayer, bible, sunday service, mass, pastor, name of the pastor, name of your church, Jesus, God, warfare, Holy Spirit, religion and thousands of word that the word church represents.

So here is RULE #4 that you need to break: Don’t please everybody.

Once you please everybody, you lose your focus.

You heard of Coke right – it stands for softdrinks – the black cola, the real cola. Well you heard of Cherry coke. Some of you might not have heard of it – why because it was a complete failure. Coke tried to please the cherry lovers and failed.

I remember some disgruntled new members of the church who came to our church and was asking why we don’t have the Christmas musicals, the cantatas, the choir, the men’s meeting, the women’s meeting, the book studies. Why?

Because we are only focus on three things as a church.

1. Worship services – we have made it a priority to make our church excellent that members of our church are not ashamed to invite their friends who don’t know Jesus. We guarantee that the messages we preach would be biblical and relevant.

2. Discipleship – this is the backbone of our church. This is why Victory exists. DISCIPLESHIP. We have not only preached but lived out discipleship. Discipleship is relationship with God, with fellow believers and the people who don’t know Jesus yet. Everything we do in church always leads to discipleship. (We felt the Cantata won’t fit in our focus)

3. Pastoral Care – services and ministry that only the pastors can legally and officially do. Weddings, burials, dedications. This is our service to our people.

Trying to be focus would take lots of guts. You will be challenged. You will be tempted with some great ministry opportunity but a good leader focuses on the specifics that God has given him.