rule #1 to break

People say culture is automatic. It is inborn. You go to Victory and you see a culture of discipleship among its members. People are always talking about small groups and discipleship. From an outsider’s perspective – it seems that every member was born with the Victory culture in them.

Culture is not automatic, it is not second nature.

As leaders we have to break this mindset. Culture is introduced.  Creating culture is deliberate. Creating culture is messy and HARD. Culture should be pounded, communicated, lived out to the point that it becomes second nature to us and our team. As a pastor – I realized that I could neglect the culture. I could be defocus from the main reason why we planted the church – to make disciples.

Creating culture means going to extreme measures to infuse principles to every member of your organization.

So break the rule that you don’t need to do anything because culture in your organization is set in place since Adam. Leaders create culture.

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