Prior to planting a church in Greenhills, I was a youth pastor for the longest time. We had a very great team of youth pastors. I was working with Pastor La Mumar, Pastor Robert Gonzales, Pastor Keith Delloria and Pastor Miko Tangco.

All of us were assigned to pastor a specific group of people. Me and LA were in charged of pastoring the youth who regularly attends our Fort Services. Pastor Robert, Keith and Miko were assigned to pastor the Tagalog speaking youth.

Almost all of us have different roles now. Pastor Robert now pastors our University of Makati church with around 400 people in attendance every week.

Pastor LA is now our pastor in Victory Pioneer. Pastor Keith recently moved back to Iloilo to pastor a thriving church in his hometown. I was assigned to plant a church in Greenhills.

Pastor Miko stayed put and is currently pastoring the loudest, rock and roll church in Victory Market Market. The church has grown to almost 400 young people every week. Hundreds of young people met Christ through our church in Market Market but this wasn’t how it started.4786_1013698442979_1840608914_27310_1955038_n

If you know Pastor Miko – he is an out of the box guy. Think of extremes and he just pushes it a little more. I remember 4 years ago having a talk with Pastor Miko. He had this God idea to start a youth group whose likes are anime, rock and roll, video games. To tell you honestly I was quite hesitant to go the route where no youth pastor has tread before. It was just too out of the box. It was too Miko Tangcoish.

But Pastor Miko went with his heart and tweaked the youth service to cater to this people. The first two years were a struggle. How many times have Miko contemplated to maybe stop it or change the format and make it more conventional. But he was relentless – he pushed through with the crazy idea. He knew the tipping point is around the corner.

Last year, something happened. The youth service at Market Market created such a big buzz that rockers, hiphoppers, extreme skaters and dancers started flocking to church to worship Jesus. The wait paid off.

When people were questioning whether this youth church would eventually fade out – the opposite happened. It bloomed or should I say it ROCKED!

Today, Pastor Miko and his team are seeing the fruits of their labor. They are continually attracting crowds who don’t know Jesus. It might get rowdy sometimes but Jesus never came for the people who think they have it made already. Jesus came to seek and save the lost.

Pastor Miko I congratulate you for sticking to your call no matter how out of the box it is.

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