Remembering Joan


A very dear person and volunteer of Victory Greenhills passed away yesterday. Joan has been battling with cancer for years. The first time I met her she was already fighting like a good soldier. When she came to the church, we would never have thought that God would use such a wonderful woman of God.

Though weakened by cancer, she would give it her all, dedicating her time to disciple women and help in the ministry. I think it was two years ago when the cancer came back after Joan experienced remission.

Every time I see Joan, there was one thing that would always cross my mind. “She did not waste her cancer.” Though she was claiming God’s miraculous healing, her extended life was already full of life. Though cancer was slowly spreading, her influence and passion for God spread really fast.

Joan graduated also in Training for Victory – our training school for those who are serious about making disciples. Later, she would be in the PGH ward with other cancer patients and she would go around and share the gospel to her ward mates.

Another thing a lot of people didn’t know about Joan was her generosity. Though cash was hard and medicine were expensive, she would never fail to bless others financially. There were times that we knew she needed money but would surprise to hear that she gave some away.

This is her story:


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