Reality church

I am coming up with a new series in my blog about church management. No, I am not trying to be the Peter Drucker of the evangelical world – I will never be but I would like to take you – the readers of my blog to a tour of howI usually spend my week. It is like a blog diary of a pastor… or something like that. You would get to see a glimpse of our office, how we run it, the team that I work with, the challenges that I face, the meetings that we run, the people that we come in contact with.

One thing people don’t know about pastors is that we just can’t be spiritual leaders, we also have to wear a hat of a manager who handles the daily activity of his team, a public speaker who needs to prepare his new message every week, a husband/father who goes home to love his wife and kids.  So I hope next week’s blog would be fun. Please don’t be surprise to see me with my handy digicam to document whatever is happening this coming week.