realigning priorities

10am – excited for our staff meeting. I realized staff meetings don’t have to be boring. When we do staff meetings we know what is at stake. The lives of thousands of people that we minister to every week. We take staff meetings seriously.

Had some very emotional times in our meetings when our team started recounting God’s goodness in our lives. I am so glad to be working with the BEST staff and volunteers in the world.

We received a note from our offering that says “Thank you pastors and the rest of the staff for working excellently towards spreading God’s word.” – IT MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!

Talked with our married pastors about FAMILY during lunch. We have to start realigning our priorities. We can’t be out 4 or 5 nights a week. Challenged our team to limit it to 2 nights a week.

Ever since taking the 30 day challenge it made me realize how important family is and backing it up with our schedules that really communicates that statement.

Had a great time also meeting with our campus workers. The growth is phenomenal and the spirit is contagious. It makes me want to be a youth pastor again.

Home earlier than the usual. Made it a goal to have dinner at home 4x a week.
Read gazillion of books with the kids before putting them to sleep. I love it when I pray for my daughters before they go to bed.

Ended the night with some of our friends at home.