I blogged yesterday about why the government is failing. Government have been taking too many responsibilities that they can;t handle it anymore. We on the other hand expect government to solve all our problem. So how do we put a balance into this.

To do so we need to understand what Government really is. Government is not just CIVIL government. Civil government is just one pillar of government in society. We also have 3 other pillars of government.

1. Family government

2. Church government

3. Voluntary government – financial institutions, business institutions, NGOs.

and lastly is the CIVIL government.

So imagine if these 4 pillars work hand in hand to solve society’s issues and rally towards national transformation. Here is how it would look like

In the Scripture we could see God’s design for national transformation. God raised up not one but 3 contemporaries to make it happen.

During Nehemiah’s time there were 3 Jewish heroes:

“Ezra was a clergyman, who taught the Bible to the restored community in Jerusalem. Nehemiah was a lay person who used his skills to rebuild the wall and infra-structure of Jerusalem to insure safe streets and a decent economy. Esther, meanwhile, used her position to work for just laws in the secular realm. Only all three people, working together, were able to rebuild Jerusalem into a viable city. One did evangelism/discipleship (working on the spiritual welfare), one did community development (working on the social and economic welfare), and one did social justice (creating laws that were just and allowed the community to grow). This was not only a lay-clergy leadership team, but a male-female leadership team.” – Tim Keller

It is different sectors of society working together to see this happen. Super Politician is a myth. A great politician knows that he needs to stay within his calling and partner (outsource) the other things that is not government’s responsibility.


This is not enough. And here is where God comes in. If God is not the foundation of the different institutions – it can also come crashing down. Remember Joshua – Moses’ successor. When he died it took just one generation to destroy what was built. That is why I am an advocate of teaching people to make God their foundation.

Is. 33:22     For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; it is he who will save us.

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