quotable quotes

Create a church and a service that God wants to come to
And He’ll bring people with Him. – Steven Furtick

Trust is what holds the world of personal relationships together…When I trust you, I take a little piece of myself, my stuff, my money, my time, my heart and put it in your hands. And then I am vulnerable. Then you respond, and I found out whether you are trustworthy and dependable – John Ortberg

If I’ve got non-Christian friends coming to church, I’d far rather give them 4 verses of comparatively heavy theology with some theological words which explains the gospel, than give them 20 repeated words that could be said about your pet horse and your girlfriend – Keith Getty.

“leadership is as easy as listening to God and doing what He says.” – Perry Noble

you can tell the size of the work God is getting ready to do by the people He has brought around you in order to assist you in accomplishing the vision He has placed in you. – Perry Noble

“Becoming obsessed with what people think about me is the quickest way to forget what God thinks about me.” – Craig Groeschel