putting our daughters to bed


For almost a week now – we have no household help who accompanies our daughters to bed. Our usual routine is to read at least 3 books and the Bible to our daughters before retiring to sleep. We made it a rule that they have to sleep on their own because only by 9pm do we have our couple’s time but since YAYA is not around for the past days we had to adjust our schedule to be able to accompany our 2 angels to sleep.

Friday night I planned to attend our youth service because I was raring to hear Ethel preach about what women want in our series ‘I want Nobody bt YOU” I had to cancel the last minute because I was also scheduled to attend a birthday party but when i got home Friday afternoon I saw my wife really tired and she begged if I could help her with the kids.

So I played an imaginary game with the kids for almost an hour and made a decision to miss Friday night youth service and the birthday party and stay with the kids.

It was a memorable Friday night. By 8pm, I gave them a bath, read a hundred books to our daughters and they kept on insisting I read more. (well exaggerated yung numbers but maybe around 8) By 830pm they brush their teeth or may I say swallow the toothpaste and by 845 we were set to sleep.

We squeezed in a single bed – me, Alyanna and Mika. By 9pm Mika was asleep but Alyanna was still talking to herself. She find talking to herself intellectually stimulating. I then hugged her tight and she reciprocated. By 930pm she was asleep.

I realized how much I need to this more often – not just put them to sleep but to be there for them. It is every girl’s dream to be loved by their father (before the prince and princess thingy happened), DADDY is to be the prince!

I remember talking to God that night and said missing the youth service and the birthday party was a no-brainer. To be with the kids made my day.

If there are 2 words your kids want to hear from you it is this: Daddy’s Home (or maybe its 3 words)


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