Listening to Andy Stanley’s leadership podcast on High Performance teams. Here are some of my notes

To be a productive team you need to have a clearly defined problem. “What won’t happen if we don’t do what God has called us to do. What is the problem that will happen to our city, campus and family if we don’t do what God has called us to do?”

What is the problem we are to solve?

This gives the team a reason to be.

2. Passion

A clear common compelling task that is important for every is the single best factor for the team’s success

3. Teams dissolve when the problems are all solved.

Reasons why Staff meetings are boring because they have either solved the problem and have stopped looking for other problems or they have not identified the problem. When you lost the sense of urgency then it is going to be a waste of time.

Genuine problems are never boring.

– irrelevant church environments is a huge problem. The community is not noticing the church.

Passion goes up when you identify and do something to solve the problem.

CLARIFY THE WIN! Do you know everytime your team scores. click here for my past blog on clarifying the win

4. Have an agreed upon solution.
agreement means debates and unfiltered arguement. You need to have this in your team.

Only when everyone has put their perspective on the table can they come to a commitment to the agreed solution.