Friend and church planter, Pastor LA Mumar is about t launch a church in the business district of Makati. He is currently conducting weekday events at Makati Sports Club every Tuesday and as of the latest has attracted 200+ people in their WORSHIP NIGHT.

What makes their church tick? I was amazed with what Pastor LA shared to me:



REAL WORSHIP – not the lights and the  she bangs of a highly decorated stage and bands that would give MTV a run for its money. It is pure, unadulterated, uncut worship.

AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS– it is what the Bible has been showing us the whole time. Discipleship is relationship. It is where you will meet real people with real problems worshiping a real God.

WORD BASED PREACHING – solid theology, back to the Bible preaching. Messages that are centered on a Scriptural text not on a motivational story or quote. Using humor at the right time but gets right into what God is saying. Watered Up gospel. It grows in you as you hear the Word. It is Christ- centered preaching.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the lights and the pageantry but it won’t change a person. I love cool bands and cool people but Jesus is not as cool as how the world perceives him to be. What the world needs is not another church that would entertain them or tickle their bones or preach what they want to hear. They are looking for answers. They are looking for a RAW church.

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