Praying Life not Prayer Time

One of the mistake we make when it comes to prayer and fasting is that we usually categorize it as a prayer time. Most of us struggle in our prayer time because it is not natural for us to pray and we try to time prayer.

God is not calling us to have a prayer time, He wants us to have a praying life. A praying life is very different from prayer time. A praying life means we are conscious of God’s presence 24/7. Prayer is not scheduled. It happens. I am not saying don’t have a time for prayer but rather let me challenge you to start having a praying life and not just a prayer time.

Prayer is a journey. When we get stuck in prayer time, we try to hunt for “the feeling” when we pray. Prayer does not happen that way. Prayer is interconnected with all of life. This might sound radical or for some blasphemous but don’t make it a quest to experience prayer or God. You don’t experience God, you get to know Him.

Enjoy day 3 of the fast!!!