Praying Culture


Last Sunday I was sort of under the weather entering my third day of allergic rhinitis. If you know allergies – it breaks your day because of the red nose, the non-stop sneezing and the drip that flows down your nose uncontrollably.

Anyway, I asked Pastor Larry to preach for me in the morning so I can get the much needed rest. My team prayed for me that morning and I was able to get ample rest.

When I got in the afternoon to preach in our 3 more services – it was quite obvious that I had allergic rhinitis. For some who don’t know me – they might think it is a common cold.

Before going up the stage during our 3pm service – one of the staff prayed for me. She just approached me and spoke healing to flow in my body. There was no “could I pray for you”. It was as normal as it can be.

Before the 5pm service, Joash, our campus missionary did the same thing. Approached me and started praying for my healing. After the 5pm service, another guy, Henry, one of our businessman, set me aside and prayed for my healing.

What was so supernatural that Sunday was not my healing, though I was able to preach the 3 services, got home slept and woke up healed, but that people would just pray. No asking for permission  but just pray. Come to God and pray and ask for healing.

I am so privileged to be a part of a praying church who believes that God still heals. It is a normal thing to just pray. As what MC Hammer said, ” You have to pray just to make it today!” Thanks church for praying for me!