power of a praying church

– my daughter Alyanna got hit with a virus that spread in our household. Everyone got into the virus with my youngest daughter being hit hard the most.
– After our 8k run last Saturday, my wife called me up because the doctor advise her to bring Mika to the hospital to be confined and observed.
– we have been in the hospital since last Saturday and it is so disheartening to see my 8 month old baby having I.V on her hands and today they had to put an I.V. on her feet.
– I missed a lot of things this week. I missed Sunday service. heard Pastor Chinkee preached a powerful word. Attendance is high Sunday maybe because they knew I wasn’t there. My hats off to the team for doing a GREAT job!!!! You guys are the best.
– Also missed the event where San Juan Mayor JV had his business meeting in our center. Good thing Larry was there to meet the mayor. click here for the pics and here
– I am simply AMAZED at how powerful prayer is. I love to be part of a praying church. We had been praying that our church would be a catalyst of genuine change in our city. Guia Gomez was so blessed with our place and with Pastor Chinkee that she had open the door for us to minister in the city hall and now Mayor JV. God is so good!!!!
– One of the things that brought sweat in ym eyes this week was the overwhelming love and support the church has given us. I cannot thank you enough for all the prayers, texts, foods, visits that you guys have showered my family. We are so blessed. The prayers of the church has tremendously helped Mika improved. We could feel the power of prayer every single day.
– I love the church!!! Can’t wait to be back this week!