Potlucks, Coffee and some Chai Tea Latte

I am posting this blog due to insistent, consistent demand of my fellow pastor, Chinkee Tan. A number of church planters have asked me how we started the church plant in Greenhills. What did we do? What were some important things that transpired before the church plant.

Here is the answer: Potlucks, Coffee and some Chai Tea Latte

Before launching our church, our pastoral staff met with some leaders who would help us start the church in Greenhills. From Tuesday to Saturday, we filled up our schedule with meetings and dinners and parties. If it wasn’t dinner, it was over coffee at starbucks, or over dimsum in Le Ching or the famous Chai Tea Latte in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

What transpired in our conversations?

We talk about their family, their business and their ministry. We then asked for some suggestions on how we could start the church.

Never underestimate the power of conversations. As leaders we must focus more on the people rather than the program.