you guys might have heard about the PORTALET – the protable toilet that you usually see during concerts held outside a building.
have you heard of a PORTACHURCH? it is a current trend among many churches now who can’t afford or would want to wait for funds to come before they build their own building. Such is the case for our church in Greenhills.
I am currently at my favorite office – Burger King with some delicious burger and fries preparing for my message and finishing up a book. I’ll be conducting a funeral service and two baby dedication this week and preparing the lesson for our Thursday small group.
I’ll be meeting up with a new believer tonight in my counselling room – Starbucks and tomorrow we will be meeting all our leaders at our favorite meeting place – MC Donalds.
Our worship ministry holds audition and worship practices at Chef and Brewers every week since the owner goes to our church. The facility is awesome – great sounds, perfect for practice!
Our kids ministry currently practices their skits and dance at the house of our kids ministry leader. After practices they usually end up having fellowship at the comfort of Desmond’s home.
Our creative usually meets somewhere in Metro Greenhills, our staff meetings are usually held in Coffee Bean, our house or anyplace quiet.

AM I COMPLAINING? NOT ONE BIT! I LOVE IT!!! I never thought that PORTA CHURCH would be fun, challenging and faith stretching.

Whatever limitations we have with a portable church made us more resourceful, creative and innovative!

check out other portable churches and be challenged!

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