pimple update and sunday rewind

Photo 2

Photo 2– sunday was one of the best sunday ever!

– the band was amazing! the worship was amazing, Jesus is amazing!

– seriously thinking of a morning service – watch out for that!

– 5pm is full – we ask future visitors to attend the 3pm.

– God the Father continues to amaze me. How he treats us as sons and not servants. God shows us the pattern to biblical fatherhood.

– our Connect team was awesome. A number of people responded to the message and we saw our leaders praying for them after the service.

– capped the night off with a dinner with one of the best man I’ve ever known, my father-in-law, Dr Randy Te. Dad thanks for raising up my wife! I got the best mom-wife-woman.

– yes pimple is still there but not planning to keep it for a long time. Hope ponds help.