People, Structure and Process

In a management training I attended, the professor shared to us 3 problems every organization faces. It is the job of the leader and the manager to determine what the problem is. It boils down to three:

1. Is it a people problem?

Do we have the right people doing the job that is required of him. There might be a problem with his abilities or maybe just finding the right job for him in the team.

2. Is it a structure problem?

We always hear this – “our church just grew by 50%” That is an amazing report but if structures are not in place, it eventually dwindles. There might be structural problems. If you don’t have an effective discipleship structure in your church – the crowds would just go in and out of your church.

3. Is it a process problem?

Do people know what’s next? After responding to your message or an invitation what’s next.Do we offer programs that does not connect to the vision and values of the church. That might be a process problem.

We confuse our people with different activities in church to keep them busy while neglecting to challenge them to make disciples outside the walls of the church.

Here is an advice to all my pastor and church planter friends:

1. Create a bold plan for the explosive growth God is about to do in your city/ church.

2. Consult with pastors/ business people who you look up to and are successful in their field.

3. Prayer and Fasting