Pastor who professes that He is the SON OF GOD


I was watching the Probe last night and the featured profile was Pastor Quiboloy – the pastor who teaches and professes that he is the SON OF GOD. He calls his church the KINGDOM and has millions of followers worldwide. 968457.large

My mind flashed back to a talk I had with a “prophetess” and pastor who told me – “I pity you for being part of an organization/church that has so much structure that it is hard for you to do what you like to do.”

I remember telling her – “Please don’t pity me. I love the structure and the boundaries that I operate in. I am well taken care of, compensated, protected and loved by fellow pastors whose heart is to honor God and make disciples”

Back to the Probe show with Mr. Son of God Quiboloy who was asked if he owns everything – the cars, jet, helicopter, radio and tv station, the mansion, Mr Son of God said YES!

It made me cringe knowing that if I have no accountability or a local church structure to keep me in check and accountable – i could end up manipulating, controlling and even deceiving people.

To my dear pastors – I encouraged you to find a covering for your ministry. I am blessed to be part of a church that has a good structure and accountabilty but I have seen so many pastors who are not and the disadvantages far outweighs the advantages

To lay leaders – always operate under the local church. If ever you have a ministry, make sure the local church knows about it for covering and accountability. Don’t be a loose prophet, evangelist, teacher, apostle, pastor. The New testament shows us a pattern that things like ordination, prophecies, laying on of hands, teachings where done in the confines of the local church.

Made a quick list of why you need to be operating under a local church

1. To minimize doctrinal errors.

2. To minimize abuse ( manipulation, financial, spiritual, emotional). Pastoring requires a skill set and a deep calling from God. You need to be trained to be one and not just be one because you want to be one. Imagine your doctor telling you he did not go to med school and he will operate on you – would you allow yourself to be experimented.

3. For spiritual covering. A self ordained pastor who would attend my church and tell people he is a pastor is a pastor I wont recognize.

4. For order. When practicing spiritual gifts Paul was adamant about putting order into it.

5. Laws of the land. You can’t proclaim yourself as a pastor or ordain yourself as one or be ordained by a pastor who also ordained himself without the local church. A church must be recognized by the government (different case in communist nations). You can’t officiate weddings and funerals if you are not a licensed minister.

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