– spend my morning finishing my message for this Sunday. I am pretty excited to share the Word this Sunday.
– one of the people I’ve been praying for would be attending church. Hope he encounters Jesus this Sunday.
– Got to our office after lunch. Our office is so WOW! I love to be working in a very nice office. Airconditioning is up and about!!!!
– I got also a free wifi access from one of our leaders, so it basically solved 2 office problems. Internet and AIRCONDITION. Two essential things needed to get things done. hehe
– had a counseling today as well. Tough to be parents to teenagers. Good thing mine is just 2 years old. I pray that my daughters would grow up with the fear of God in them.
– I realize how valuable and wise my wife was. I brought her to office today to help me with the counseling and she basically took over. Praise God for a wonderful wife.
– Finish up my day by going to the PASSION WORLD TOUR! Chris Tomlin was awesome, Louie Giglio was doubly awesome with the WORD! Jesus was in the house. The PASSION ALMOST made me cry twice. It was a powerful night.
– I am now more supercharged to make Jesus famous in my community.
– Greenhills watch out!!! Jesus is coming