Papa Jesus


Everytime I talk about Jesus – I remember my dad. Funny because my dad’s name is Jesus. He was born on December 24 and his hobby is carpentry. It is a resemblance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My dad has been a role model for me. I grew up loving work, saving money and respecting women because of my dad. My dad is a workaholic. He showed us the value of hardwork.

He grew up in a poor family. Work his way from being a kargador to owning his won business. He made it big in the 70’s because of his hardwork and determination. When others give up because of hardship, dad all the more strive in seasons of drought.

A month ago, dad told us that his dream that all his sons and daughters would be rich. It is his heart to see every children of his to live a good life. As he was sharing his heart, I saw his concern for each and everyone of us. He doesn’t want us to experience the hardship that he experienced.

Papa, thank you very much for your imaprtation. For teaching me how to be a man. For teaching me how to value people and money. Thank you for loving Mama unconditionally. Thank you for having a strong marriage. I love you PAPA.

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