Pacquiao’s Secret Revealed


Manny goes to his corner and kneels down and utters a short prayer before the fight…..pacquiao_hatton_ko4(2)

Manny goes to his corner kneels down and utters a short prayer after his fight…..

but what makes Manny Pacquiao win his battle goes beyond his pre-fight ritual. Here in this video he describes his training regimen

It is lot like our worship. Our worship goes beyond Sunday. It goes beyond the songs that we sing every Sunday, the church we attend and the messages we hear. Attending church and lifting up your hands is good but that won’t let you win the battle of life. It is the daily time with God, the Bible reading, the prayer, the surrendering of our lives daily to Christ that makes the BIG difference between a Christian who is victorious and a defeated Christian.

If all Pacquiao does is pray and not train and live a lifestyle of training – then Cotto could have clubbered him in one round.

Here is the secret to Pacquiao’s success: Prayer, Faith and lots of Training.

Here is the secret to a life that gives glory to God: Prayer and Spiritual Disciplines.


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