Watching Manny crushed Hatton revealed some things to me that is necessary for a church planter.


1. Study your target. Manny studied Hatton so well that he knew what he needs to do in the ring.

We as Christians must study our culture. We are called to be missionaries. We study the people we reach. We can’t be like Hatton who did not know Manny’s moves.

2. Have a game plan. Roach and Manny had a game plan.

If you saw how Manny delivered the last blow – it was absolutely stunning! (ask Hatton). hatton was being careful with Manny’s right but he didn’t see the left coming. Manny knew what to do. Trick Hatton with the right then give him the left.

People we reach out to have a certain mindset how Christians try to proseletize them. They know what to expect with church. They have steroetype the church.

We as a church must have a game plan. Challenge the status quo on how to reach the world. Have a game plan that works.

3. Do the talking in the ring.

Hatton was all talk -” I’ll knock Manny out.” Mayweather was all talk.
Manny did the talking inside the ring.

Christians for one minute stop talking and start walking the talk.
Love the people. Engage your culture. Stop being religious and get authentic.
People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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