Organic Christianity

Organic is the in thing now! Whether you are in the grocery or at the drugstore – organic it is! Organic rice, vegetables, herbs, spices, chicken, egg, milk, vitamins. Not only is it in but it is very expensive. Why is this so? Because organic nowadays is very rare.

How about organic Christianity? Christianity that is so pure and stripped to its essence. With som many religious practices and traditions we introduce in church, Christianity has become less and less organic. What do I mean?

Last night after doing a funeral service I spoke about this dead woman on how she has found the Lord in her last days. A Christian approached me after the message and said she was surprised to hear that her Grandmother prayed the ACCEPTANCE PRAYER. Now what in the Biblical world is ACCEPTANCE PRAYER. I just don’t get it. Saying “Jesus I received you as my PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR” doesn’t really add up to what the Bible is teaching. Chrisitanity becomes a formula. tsk!

How about the preacher teaching us the FORMAT OF PRAYER. ACTS – Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. Sometimes all I need to say to God is HHHHEEELLLPPPP!!!

How about Praise and Worship? Well its now a 3-2 format or a 2-3 format. What do I mean? Its 3 fast songs and 2 slow songs. I have nothing against this. I am just driving home a point!

It gets worst in preaching. 3 ways to find joy, 6 ways to freedom. I don’t know about you but it took me more than 30 ways to find joy, 82463 ways to freedom.

Here is the point: People are looking for ORGANIC Christianity. If we as pastors and church planters try to stripped Christianity into formulas it won’t work. The same way there is really no ONE FORMULA to plant a church, there is no ONE FORMULA for life with Jesus.