one blog away from extinction


With the rise of social media – blogs, facebook, twitter and plurks, the reality is we could be one blog away from extinction.

Remember the girl who told us that Philippines is a land of sinners in her site?

Remember when Mikey Arroyo made a blunder in his interview with Winnie Monsod and the liquor event during Ondoy?

Remember how many people lost their jobs because HR saw that they were facebooking during work hours?

I have been tempted to blog about really bad customer service that I have experienced in the past but decided not to and let God handle it but just to tell you about the power of social media.customer-service

A musician by the name of David Carroll had a bad experience with an airline because the luggage carrier broke his Taylor guitar. He demanded they do something about it or he will write a song about the experience. The airline didn’t bother to help so he wrote the song. His song has reached almost 6 million hits which is BAD NEWS for the airline. Anyway, here is the song and remember we are one blog away from extinction so watch your actions!

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