old school

I am an 80’s guy. I am stuck watching old wwf reruns, I love rick astley, michael bolton. My songs are from the late 80s to the early 90’s. There is something about old School. You don’t even dare compare Larry Bird with Dirk Nowitzki or Jordan with Lebron.

Same goes with the books we as church planters read. With the influx of new books in theology, church planting and Christianity – a new Christian and even a new church planter would be dizzy looking thru the list of books that are worth reading.

Here are some OLD SCHOOL theologians, church planters and authors worth reading.

1. AW TOZER – The pursuit of God wowed me the first time I read it. Tozer never finished school but you will be amazed at the depth of his relationship with Jesus and how it flows out in his works. Tozer is deep stuff!!!

2. RC SPROUL – books include “The Holiness of God, Intimate marriage, Gr
ace Unknown. I loved how he presented the Holiness of God. It affected my life, my preaching and my insecurities. God is so HOLY, I am not! His HOLINESS reaches out to me and I think that would make everyone want to be saved!

3. J.I PACKER – fav books includes KNOWING GOD, GOD HAS SPOKEN. A Christian grows not because of the Sunday preaching but with his daily walk with God. Knowing God gives us a glimpse of who God is. Wonderfully written. I am a firm

4. ROBERT COLEMAN -book I like is Masterplan of Evangelism. The best book on discipleship. Our church is going through this book every Wednesday. It brings you back to how Jesus did it 2000 years ago. A must read for every chu
rch planter.
believer that as you grow in God, you become missional. You can’t keep a good secret. You have to share it.

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