Noynoy’s Porsche


I was in a taxi last Friday when the driver commented rudely on how gas prices are going up and our President had the guts to purchase a PORSCHE.He was really irked with the thought of a president getting a luxury car when most people are living below the poverty line.He then proceeded to curse the president’s action as if it was a normal daily habit of his. He then dropped me off and as I look at the taxi meter I found out that he never opened it. So instead of paying the right amount, I paid a little higher. TSK, tsk, tsk.

Here is some excerpt of President Noy’s purchase of the PORSCHE

MANILA, Philippines – President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is proud of his new toy, but he just does not want to “flaunt” it.

In an ambush interview, Aquino dismissed reports this recent purchase will affect his government’s austerity measures.

Aquino bought a “third-hand” 2007 Porsche using his own money, according to Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda.

He ditched his old BMW in exchange for the more attention-grabbing Porsche. He supposedly paid P4.5 million for it.

“Unang-una no, ang hindi ho nailagay doon, third-hand ho ‘yan. Pangalawa ho, hindi ho gobyerno ang nagbayad n’yan. Ibinenta ko po ‘yung isang sasakyan ko at nagkataon ho meron namang buyer at ‘yun po ang ginamit ko pambayad nitong sasakyan ko (It’s a third-hand car. I paid for it from my own pocket),” he said.

Ironic how we see other people’s action but never get to see our own mistake. We judge quickly but we never judge our self. When Noynoy purchased a third hand PORSCHE worth P4.5 million – he did not use the government’s money. He used his own money and took out a car loan. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Instead on focusing on his spending habits why not first look at our own. Instead of cursing and dishonoring our president because he can afford a second hand porsche – why don’t we just work hard and get to purchase our own car.

We can’t continue to operate this way. We try to look for the first mistake of our president so we could dishonor him. I think it is a total waste of time.

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