Noynoy and the Church


Everybody is excited as Noynoy was inaugurated as the next President of the Philippines. With Noynoy at helm, everybody is expecting drastic change to happen. His speech was strong and full of promises. Expectations are high.

Last night, Victory churches all over Metro Manila prayed for the new administration. The first step the church should exemplify is to pray for our president. Last night as we were praying for the president, I made a commitment to God not to say anything bad against the president or even get involved in idle and malicious talks regarding the president.

As a pastor our role is to help the president build a great nation. I still believe that the nation is a reflection of the church. That is why God commanded the church to humble and seek His face and then He will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land. Change starts at our homes and in our churches.

Christian brothers and sisters, we have the biggest role to pray in Noynoy’s administration. We are to cover him in prayer, support him, honor him. Give him a fighting chance to make a difference. Obviously he cannot do it on his own. No man can change this nation. Only through God’s intervention and the church’s active participation can we see genuine change happen.

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