no such thing as a big church

just finished my Sunday message today and pretty excited about it.
– looking through scriptures, I realized that there is no such thing as a BIG church.
– as we look around the world today or even our neighborhood our church attendance fails in comparison to the number of people who does not know Jesus.
– stats show that there are still 3 billion people who haven’t been reached with the Gospel. That means if you put all the church buildings around the world together and let the 3 billion people stand side by side, we wouldn’t even reach 10% of the unreached people group.
– that is why it amazes me how churches bicker and fight over church membership when there is a WHOLE LOT of people we need to be reaching out to.
– this Sunday our Victory Churches would be offering the greatest opportunity to get involved in the unfinished business of God.
– please come prepared this Sunday it is going to be a ONCE in a LIFETIME opportunity to GET IN THE GAME God has for His church.