Let us make an honest assessment. Every time you buy something ask this question:

Do I really need it or do I just want it?

1. The Plasma TV? Need or want?

2. The 2nd car? Need or want?

3. The Iphone? Need or want?

4. The Macbook Pro? Need or want?

5. The bag or the shoe? Need or want?

Inside every person is a child wanting to buy stuff. I remember when I was kid, I saw this GI JOE. I wanted it so badly but my parents won’t buy it. They say its not in the budget. I cried, I shouted, I screamed – ” I NEED THAT GI JOE!!!!!”

Do you still hear that child in you crying often? Do you drown yourself with stuff that you want but not really need?

Let’s face it. Some of us are not Financially Free because we think that we NEED everything when in reality you just WANT it.