My parents don’t approve my going to church

Hi Pastor Dennis, when my mom found out I was attending a Christian church, she got really upset and gave me the silent treatment for a week. To end the silent treatment, I just told her I’d go back to being catholic. I’m so confused on what to do now. Any advice?

Here is my advice: Honor your parents.

But there is something that I do want to point out in your questioning that might be the reason why you are confused. Many people make the mistake of equating going to church as the measurement of their walk with God. Though it is highly important to go to church ( just saying that I am not one of the proponents of the teaching that you don’t have to go to church), your growth as a Christian is because of your relationship with Jesus.

Our parents might stop us from attending church on a Sunday but there are still so many ways we can personally grow in the Lord as we are waiting for God to do some work in our parent’s heart.

Here are some tips:

1. Read your Bible everyday and obey it.

2. Have a time of prayer with God everyday.

3. Download preaching podcasts or watch our youtube channel.

4. Join a small group Bible study.



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