my meeting with Jack Welch

Was in Baguio during the Holidays when i chance upon Jack Welch in Camp John Hay Filling Station. Actually saw a Jack Welch book while waiting for our pizza and here are some insights I’ve learned from the guy.

This is a 3 part series of blogs I’ll call” What If Jack Welch was your pastor?”

Here are some things he wants to say to us as pastors

1. Command and control is not the best way to run a church. Involving everyone is the key to enhancing productivity.

Hear the opinion of your team. Give them a chance to voice what’s on their mind. Create an open atmosphere of suggesting ideas and selling ideas. You don’t have all the best ideas. Their ideas might not be implemented but at least it was heard and studied.

2. Ideas and intellect rule over heirarchy and traditions.

Pastors – are your staff afraid to tell what’s on their mind? Are ideas often shoot down before it was even put on the table. Do you always hold on to your position and try to manipulate people with it? Are new ideas encouraged or do you always say “This is how we’ve always done it”.

Get fresh minds in your team. Learn from the new, upcoming leaders. Read blogs of successful church planters and pastors. Solicitate new ideas.

3. Finding leaders who lives the value of your church is more important than those who bring in the numbers who don’t live the value.

Each of your team member or church staff must live and breathe the vision and value of the church. In our church we make sure that every staff understands that we are only about 2 things. Honor God and Make Disciples – nothing else. Everything we do boils down to these two things.

to be continued….