My Board Members

Last week I blogged about my critic board – click here to read that.

Every pastor needs to have his own  board members – whether to critic or to encourage or to sharpen him. I chance upon Craig Groeschel’s blog about his own board members and reposting some of the content of about having your own board members

  • A spiritual mentor—The spiritual mentor is one who has walked with Christ longer than you and can help you grow deeper.
  • A financial adviser—Even if you are good with money, you’d be wise to seek advice from someone who is great.
  • A futurist—All of us need someone who can help us see and create our futures.
  • A barrier remover—Some people have the ability to help remove obstacles from our path.
  • A spouse—Even though you might be married, you may not be taking advice from your spouse. If you aren’t, start!
  • A connector—Most valuable relationships I have today came from an introduction from a friend. Most of my most strategic ministry friendships can be traced back to a few connectors.
  • Hope this helps!

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